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Hair Extensions

I get questions all the time about hair weaves,and extensions, & Hair Extensions. Does it hurt? How Long will it last? What type of hair should I get?

Below are a few answers to those questions.

**Benefits of wearing a weave**

They are Low maintenance. If you don't have a lot of time to spend styling your hair or you are trying to avoid excess shedding from daily brushing and you are looking for low-maintenance option. Wearing a hair weave will allow you to style your hair in a hurry, and it takes second to get ready in the mornings.

Sewn-in hair weaves your hair is typically braided close to the scalp as a foundation to sew-in the extension. The extension hair takes the daily wear-and-tear, so your natural hair is protected from daily damage that can occur when styling your natural hair. Your hair won't have damage from the heat of blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons pressing combs etc.. Your hair won't suffer from harsh weather or cotton pillowcases. Your hair will be protected from daily stress that can over time cause your hair to have split the ends and dry it out. It's one of the protective styles that will do your hair good, with proper care, while you wear it.

**Do they hurt?**

Weaves are not designed to hurt. They key is finding a stylist that you trust and during your consultation ask him/her if they braid tight. When I am servicing my clients I am VERY gentle and I constantly check in with then as I am creating the braided foundation I constantly check in with my client to insure the braids feel secure and that they are not painful. open communication is always a must when cultivating a relationship with any hair stylist.

**How long does it last?**

A hair weave that is installed by a professional hair stylist will last any where from 2 to 3 months. My personal recommendation is that you get your weave redone every 6-8 weeks, but don't go longer than 10 weeks, which is about 2 1/2 months. I will say that is not a rule in every case because everyone's hair is different, and every weaving techniques is different (there are full head weaves to a partial weave, or row by row). If your goal is to use a weave to protect your natural hair, a weave should not be left in longer than 3 months maximum, even if the weave still looks good due to you natural hair growing out underneath. That will insure that your hair will not get matted which can cause lots of breakage.

**What type of hair should I get?**\

You need to think about if you want curly, straight or wavy. Are you looking for a silky texture or a Yaki (not so silky texture. my favorite). Do you want to curly hair that you can wear straight from time to time? You also need to think about how long you want it, do you want it at the shoulder past the shoulder or above the shoulder? I suggest you purchase Remy Hair or Virgin Remy hair. Remy Hair is gathered from a donor/producers in a way that the hair's cuticle is properly in lined in relation to the other hair within the bundle which keeps the hair soft and silky) this hair is not necessarily virgin hair since the hair may be colored or permed, However this is good hair in my opinion and is more reasonable in price than Virgin Remy. Virgin Remy is hair that has not been chemically processed and is collected from a single donor who could be either Indian,Malaysian, Brazilian,etc... this hair has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh chemical this hair is really good and its the highest quality of hair on the market. Last but not least there is Non-Remy hair

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